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Totally worst customer service

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I have been with Telus for the past 8 months and its the worst customer service experience in my life. I am never satisfied with my bills and device balance. There are no proper explanations. Bad support. they say they would give me a call back but no one does do that.


This is my concern, I got an Iphone 7 during BlackFriday 2016, it was a business shared plan.

me and my friend got two devices each $915 and was promised a $300 promotional discount on down payment (300/400) for each device and also a $400 credit for each device across 5 months. But we were just provided $200 promotional discount which was really bad. After talking to a lot of people and not knowing what to do we accepted to pay the remaining 200$ upfront and we paid the 200$.


having received a 200$ promotional discount and paying the 200$ upfront, my device balance should have been 915-400 = 515$ to start with. this 515$ paid across 24 months would have resulted in $21.45833 across each installment.


Now that I have paid my 8 months' bills, which are 8 payments (8*21.45833 = 171.66$)


Subtracting 171.66 from 515, my current device balance should be 343.33$ but it is 410$. How? and none of the customer service representative is able to answer me. When asked to escalate the issue to higher officials or someone who could explain me, none of the representatives are ready to do so. I need some help and clarifications on this.




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  Based on the numbers you provided ($515 device balance at account opening, and a current device balance or $410 as reported by Telus) it appears the calculations are over 36 months:


  • $515 / 36 = $14.3055
  • $14.3055 * 7 = $100.14
  • $14.3055 * 8 = $114.44
  • Give a partial month when you started your plan, puts you in the $410 range of device balance.


I suggest a review of your contract to determine how the balance was proposed to be paid. It may be you have a 3 year contract, as business plans are not subject to the same conditions as consumer plans, OR you may get the bonus of Telus paying the device balance on your behalf at the end of your 2 year contract.


Note: This Neighbourhood is inhabited by customers, just like you. We have no insight to Telus business plans, and no connection to the internal workings of Telus. We volunteer to share knowledge about Telus products and services which we have gained by experience or surmise. The only means to determine billing issues is to connect with Telus staff more directly through a phone call, chat, Facebook or Twitter, as described in the Contact Us section at the bottom of the page.


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Hey, so I'm on the consumer side of things. It's different than business. I'm happy to explain device balance though and I believe I have figured out where the $410 is coming from!


Okay, so you have gotten the device balance down pretty well. You pay x amount upfront and the remainder is broken down over the 24 months. When I look at yours and what you are talking about. Some things come to mind about where you device balance comes from. First, let's just clarify. Device balance, shows up on your invoice monthly to show you how much it's dropping down each month. The customer is not directly paying the device balance however. Although your $20 something shows up, it's not being added on top of your monthly plan and you are not paying the device balance. It's just to show you where we get your device balance from should you choose to upgrade early or cancel. That's what you would pay. Some, can and do argue that you are in fact paying it because you are then not eligible for certain plans because you are expected to be on the more expensive plans which is where Telus earns the device balance. 


Back to the specifics in your case. When a promotion that we can't offer a customer is being offered, there's no way to create a promotion in our internal systems. So typically a bill credit has to be given to off set the upfront cost of a device. The largest upfront cost in the system will be given and then the rest of the upfront cost will be charged to the first invoice,  with a bill credit. So that they zero each other out and you wont' notice. However all of this should clearly be explained to the customer. What it looks like based on the numbers in your case is that $300 of promotional discount in the system was given, or maybe the $200 and then $100 bill credit like I was saying. Either way only a total of $300 off the upfront cost of the phone was given. The starting Device balance would have been $615. Making the monthly drop down $25.63 = 16 months remaining of device balance to be $410. 


And if you ask to speak to someone higher or a manager you should ALWAYS be allowed too. So I apologize for that. 😞

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