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I'm currently abroad and won't be back in January until January. I need to top up my account or I will lose my number but it won't allow me to do it online because I don't have a Canadian credit card. I have a TD visa debit card but it won't allow it. What can I do?

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  • Have you tried getting a friend to pay for it locally for you?  Most creditors are happy to accept money without questioning the source.
  • Doesn't Telus allow you to retain the number dormant for 3 months before they reassign it?  Or is it 6 months?
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When I look at my account, three top up options are offered: PIN, Credit Card, Interac Transfer. It strikes me you could either use the Interac transfer, or ask a friend to purchase a top-up card for you and send you the PIN information, so you could add it.


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