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Terrible Phone Reception

Just Moved In

I recently moved to the west end of Edmonton in the neighbourhood of Secord. Outside of my back window about two blocks away I can see a cell phone tower, but my phone reception is terrible. I have not had 1 phone call happen yet without the 'hello are you still there, can you hear me?', walking around the house to try and get a decent signal. About 20% of my texts get popped back as having not gone through. Having just bought a new house I can't say how annoying it is to have bad cell phone coverage. Wondering if someone could look into this.





Community Power User
Community Power User

Maybe that's a Wind Mobility Tower.......Smiley Wink

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Cell Towers map. Set to Telus. Just zoom into your area.


Coverage subject to Telus antenna orientation, building materials used in construction of the home and local anomalies.


Community Power User
Community Power User

If you have an iPhone, also consider installing the Telus Network Experience app. It'll let you report certain problems directly. Don't think there's an Android version though.

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@Nighthawk, yes there is an Android version of the TELUS Network Experience App