Telus - the biggest crooks in the mobile space

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Telus - the biggest crooks in the mobile space

Can somebody tell me why Telus is the only carrier that does not have a feature to easy turn off data when the limit is reached? Most have the ability to automatically pause data at that point but even Rogers has an easy switch on the website to pause data. The only feature that Telus has is to block data once you have already used $50 of added data.


This one simple feature is forcing me to switch carriers.

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I'm reviving this thread after nearly a year since Telus has not made any effort whatsoever towards addressing this.


While I agree that customers should self-manage, it's sad that Telus has to take such a shady approach.  The capability to have these 'honest' features is there, but an active decision is being made to not present it as an option.  No executive would want to give up millions in revenue from their division, despite the underhanded nature in which it is collected.  Customer service is going downhill, I still have a ticket open to which they refuse to provide details (I suppose it would reveal something incriminating on their part).  One particular rep in the loyalty department has proven to be a time waster, just stalling week after week collecting more on bills while they pretend to solve basic issues.


Telus was my choice 8+ years ago, and it was good for a few years, but they have fallen behind the times.  No network improvements, no service improvements, no feature improvements, decline in service delivery, shady practices in the NOC, and increased billing... always 2 steps behind, and unwilling to improve.


It's too bad really.

I don't know where you are, but I can tell you that Telus have been making lots of improvements from what I can see.  Calls are clearer, data is faster, fewer dropped calls, and there are tools on the data manager to use.  Better US roaming.  Better overseas roaming.  Way more countries than Rogers does.  I got an awesome promo deal some months ago which is 12 gigs for $65.  VoLTE works nicely where I am and is being expanded.  My cousins from Europe just came to Canada last summer and drove around the west coast and through the mountains to Alberta, etc, and said they were amazed at how many places here had good mobile coverage.


I don't see anything "shady" about the business at all. I know exactly how much data is being used.  I can tell how much is left at any given time.  My bill is exactly how much I think it will be every month.  I can text anywhere I want.  Call as much as I want in Canada and US, and 1000 minutes a month to quite a few other countries, including the mobiles, which was unheard of before.

Yes, there are some things that are on my wish list, and I do think rates should go down, and I am particularly displeased that all of the providers have gone to a $70/gig overage rate, but at the same time, I don't find the vast majority of allegations you've made to be true.



Had I known how 'shady' they were I would never have signed a contract.

When MTS was bought out and I was given an opportunity to flip to Telus it was the stuff they don't tell you that really burned me.

Unlimited data plan that when you hit 15gb they turn down the speed big time. when I complain they say that is what MTS did - MTS never did this. So now I have my speed reduced enough that data is useless before a month is half over.

It took less than a minute of searching to find a post on the forum that MTS used - someone complaining three years ago that their data was toggled by MTS at 15 gigs.  So maybe they didn't do this to you, but they did it - you claiming they didn't does not appear to be true. Telus was only taking the terms of their plan and putting them into force. 


I don't think this justifies calling them "shady".  Telus are not perfect, and there are some things they do which I don't like.  But they are not shady.





They call me all the time trying to switch my plan or get me to sign contract with terrible offers that cost more money. That alone IMO is SHADY. Call for new service they answer first ring. Call to cancel service its an hour wait. SHADY. But with the Oligopoly they have...ill just dance with the devil i know instead of switching to the devil i dont!

That's too bad you have so many problems.  I am on month to month, on a good plan, and I don't have any issues regarding my mobile service.  They are not calling me up to change the plan.  I wish the prices were better but they are competitive with other tier 1 providers in Canada.  


The curious thing I've found is how has data use suddenly shot up when no (personal) usage, no new applications, nor changes to my iPhone... other than its system updates have taken place?? I have WiFi at home and barely use my cell to surf the web any more than I have the past 2 months... when usage jumped. 


There's been no explanation other than "check apps that are running in the background".  Funny thing... I have background off and those I do use haven't changed in MONTHS!  The only other option was to turn off data & stay on WiFi. However, usage spikes were recorded as high when I was at home as well. Their explanation... my WiFi was "cutting out" ...funny, it never seemed to do that before.



I find it strange how "monitoring data usage" has become a key point with carriers when it wasn't previously... unless some users were actually going over their plan limits.

I suggest choosing Settings > Cellular and making sure Wi-Fi Assist is off, then reset your statistics. You can then see if any of the apps or system services are using data. 


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Try this:


Set data limits:

  • Block your data usage when it reaches a specific dollar amount.
  • Manage data usage for each subscriber on the account.

The ability to pause your data when you reach your plan limit became available in March 2016 on Koodo Mobile, the TELUS discount brand,  and is referred to as “shock free data”.  If this feature is important to you then you may want to consider Koodo as an option.  I suspect similar functionality along with other improvements will be coming to the TELUS Data Manager function.


I can see how it would be aggravating to be on a plan that has a high overage rate and ignoring the warnings that you were approaching your data limit.

In your post you indicate TELUS was the only carrier that did not pause data when the plan limit was reached,  are you aware of what BELL’s practices are?

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'Why' type questions are really difficult for the members of the Neighbourhood, as it is inhabited by customers, just like you. We have no insight to Telus business plans, and no connection to the internal workings of Telus. We volunteer to share knowledge about Telus products and services which we have gained by experience or surmise. We are free to express our own opinions and comments, which may not always be in agreement with the ideals of Telus. 


The different carriers offer different sets of options to their customers, and we are, of course, able to choose amongst them to find the one that best meets our needs.


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Why couldn't you just go into your phone settings and manually turn off "Cellular Data"? Telus notifies you when you are close to exceeding your data at specific intervals if you set it up. You can also track your data usage with a slight delay in updating. Telus offers Data buckets, 1GB data is only $15 and prevents extra charges.



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When Telus gave me my new phone they did not mention that I had to turn my data off as I had a mobile stick before I got the new phone.They added my data plan to the phone which I hate,but they would not change it back to my mobile stick.

Phones come generally with data plans, SMS and voice.  I don't see how Telus caused a problem.  Maybe I am missing something here.  If you wanted a data stick, they sell those.  You want a phone, they sell those.

I had a mobile stick,but they added the data plan to my phone and they will not change it back.They tell me company rules.

It is difficult to understand what happened without knowing more information.  They don't, to my knowledge change "internet stick" plans to phone plans arbitrarily.  I realize you have some sort of beef with them, but from where I sit, it isn't making a lot of sense to me.  I've had "data stick" plans before and none of them have ever magically turned into "phone" plans.  There's got to be more to your story.  I'm not saying you need to share the details but it is hard to imagine what your gripe is.

My gripe is/was when they gave me my new phone,they automaticly put my data plan on the phone and they will not change the plan back to my stick.They tell me to pay for another stick with data plan.

You may want escalate your issue with TELUS by contacting them via


I've already had a big cheese call and tell me it is company policy,even went to a Telus store where I picked up my phone,same thing,nothing they can do,Telus policy.