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Telus keeps offering me to upgrade my device, but always says it can't work.

Just Moved In

I got my S10 through Koodo a few years ago, and within the year a Telus rep called me to offer me a better plan with Telus instead, so I switched and things have been good. My S10 is all paid off, so a few weeks ago reps from the local Telus store started to call me to offer me deals to upgrade my device. After much research and consideration I decided on the Samsung S21 Ultra, and it's on a good deal for a fair bit off. I only need to pay the taxes, which I have no issues with. I've been inside the Telus store a few times and every time the store rep goes through ordering me the 256GB model there's some weird error they can't explain where they can't even process it. Agents on the phone can't do anything either.


I then tried to do it on the My Telus app's storefront with no success. When I begin to go through the checkout it tells me that my province doesn't match with what's on my account, so I click to change it, and it doesn't even give me the option to, yet proceeds through the checkout. When I get to the very end and input my Visa debit information it tells me "Sorry, there seems to be a problem with your payment information. Please try again with a different credit card.", yet earlier today it took my payment just fine for me to pay my bill. It's the same card I always use, and the issue is it's my only card. I can't simply "try another card". Same issue on the desktop website.


Telus REALLY wants me to upgrade, but can't seem to get their stuff together. If I'm gonna be stuck with this device forever, I may just switch to Bell Mobility if Telus can't fix this. Has this happened to anyone else?