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Telus Smart Hub


The rural smart hub is affecting the usability of the cellphone network in areas where this service is being deployed. Right after the mass adoption of this service in these areas the data network has been on a slippery slope. After this one company bought the smart hub my cell phone was barely usable in that area after we hooked it up. Why not limit the speed to something similar to a VDSL2+ connection like 25/5 or 50/10? I think its crazy to offer around 100/100 in rural areas where the cellphone network is barely usable. I can't even get that much bandwidth at home and I live in the city. This is just crazy! What was the marketing department thinking?


Im just curious, are you certain that the problems are being caused by the use of the "smart" hub and not some other factor that happened at the same time as implementing the hub? We are having serious issues with our cell service now too but our problem is being caused due to the loss of one of the Telus cell towers (most likely due to the forest fires around our area.) Im trying to troubleshoot our horrendous cell service issue so i want as much info as i can get 🙂

There has been areas where towers were becoming overwhelmed there is a discussion about it here.

This is in the Edmonton, Alberta region. There haven't been any fires in the area. I'm talking about the network degrading literally moments after turning on a smart hub the devices around it get really bad speeds. Still why not put limits on the connection speed? 25 Mbps wouldn't be the end of the world.

Telus has degraded the smart hubs in my area to less than 1 MB download speed in my area and when we call them they claim that its acceptable and we have to pay $75 a month for this crap.I'm stuck in a bad contract with a crooked company but our phones can at least go to Bell.

I find when you reboot the smart hub you will get better speeds for a
temporary time. I would be on the phone with them everyday until they
fix it or let me out of the contract.

1mb? Park WiFi is better than that. Wouldn't it be wonderful if our options gave a crap? We have a robot, driving around on Mars, flipping over rocks and sending us pictures, but we can't get decent WiFi!