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TELUS inactivate our phone line without permission


Telus deactivated our mobility account in the Telus App, and we are not receiving any messages or calls. We can't even call you guys to fix your own mistake!


This issue began when we tried to fix our rate in January. Kim, the agent who processed our mobile plan, quoted and sold us a Black Friday promo plan. However, due to incorrect procedures from Telus' end, we called several times to rectify the issue, but to no avail. Several agents attempted to resolve the issue, but none were successful, and we were continually referred back to Kim, who is no longer reachable by them.


Despite our patience, Telus was unable to fix the issue. The last agent we spoke with on February 13th promised to fix the issue within 24-48 hours and waive the penalty fee. However, Telus has the guts to deactivated our mobility account. We suspect that they are attempting to erase our conversation history to hide their mistakes. Now, we regret switching from Fido to Telus. If you guys can't resolve it maybe Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS) can.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Waive the penalty fee? Was your account suspended for not paying the phone bill?

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