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TELUS Hub very slow

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I have a TELUS Hauwei hub and it is generally very poor speed.   The tests will show a speed upwards of 10mbps but quickly drop to 1.? mbps.


I've called Telus support, they can refresh my line, but that doesn't help.  They suggested I reset my hub to the factory setting, and that produces about 8mbps.   I thought these hubs should get about 15 mbps.  Am I mistaken? 


Community Power User
Community Power User

It depends very much on the cellular tower to which they connect, and the number of simultaneous subscribers. If the tower is not connected to a fibre backbone, or is oversubscribed, speeds will drop.


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Just Moved In

 Hi JoseT

I am pretty much in the same boat as you with my ZTE hub. For the first three months of service it was 10~15 mbps which in my rural area is great. Right now, well, 0-3 mbps and spending a lot of the time in the kbps range. Go through the contact process.  With me they escalated the problem and I am waiting on an “engineered antenna” solution.
You should be able to use a browser to access your hub (read the fine manual) and that will give you a lot of information; speed, signal strength (my problem) etc. The direction and location of the hub can make a difference too. As other people have stated it could be too many users on a tower. I am told my hub was/is switching between towers, and not always picking the best one.

You'd also want to consider line-of-sight to the tower. If you have multiple walls blocking, that could affect the wireless connection to the tower.