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I'm a Telus Extend user since about 2 months. I'm always loging out the app when I get network because cause I want to use it only on wi-fi. I am half the time in a zone where there is absolutely no signal. When I get in that zone I usually login to the app and use it over wi-fi. But, recently the app updated, so now I can't login as I usually do and it asked me my phone number so it can send me a confirmation code by text. Guess what, I can't retrieve a text as I have no access to the network, only wi-fi. It kind of pisses me off. Is there a solution so I can retrieve that text online and login to the app? I can't figure why there is no option to send the code via e-mail. The app is made for people getting bad/no network, why should the code be sent by text?



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Community Power User

As a temporary workaround, can you open Telus Extend and start it before you arrive to the cellular absent zone?


I agree that the confirmation should be available when not connected to the cellular network.


Edit: I can login without receiving a text on ver 1.46. Maybe you need only complete the verification once?


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Just a FYI telus extend app requires an update for iOS 10 which they're working on releasing.


"TELUS Update: The TELUS Extend app is currently experiencing freezing issues with the Apple iOS 10 update after ending a voice call. If your TELUS Extend app freezes, please close and restart the app. We are currently working hard to fix the issue and will release a new app update shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience."

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