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Switch to Peace of Mind plan

Just Moved In
I'm not sure if I'm missing something, how do I switch to one of the unlimited plans? My 2 year contract ended in November 2019 yet anytime I tap on change plan the peace of mind or simple share plans are not listed, only the plan I have with the option to choose 1 + 1gb, 3gb or 5gb of data. Thank you for your time.

Community Power User
Community Power User

What plan do you currently have?

You may have to choose a BYOD plan from scratch to exit your current plan tier.


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Thank you for your reply NFtoBC. I called them and they have been able to switch my plan. I had a premium+ plan, which was $75 in itself and then an added $30 for 1+1gb of data.
Had I have known about the peace of mind plan sooner I would have switched long ago. I'm hoping I'm the only one to have this problem. Have a great day!