So pissed with Telus!

They called my husband and offered him a free tablet. No extra charges, completely free. Because they had charged us for something they weren’t supposed to have. I thought it didn’t sound right and said he shouldn’t have accepted it. But he did. Get our bill, tablet is on a 2 year contract on which we are paying for it as well a phone number for it and data for it. It’s costing us about 60 a month. Tried to call them, been on hold for over an hour and a half. This is such bull crap. Sending back the piece of crap tablet that we didn’t need and moving or services else where!
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Interesting, since Telus no longer offers tablet plans independent of a share plan. If I recall, it was a C$10 add on to share data on your existing plan, plus of course the payment plan (about $25/mo).


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Are you sure that's $60 monthly and not a one time charge for tablet taxes and initial services?


I have tablets on my Telus account, $5 a month for shared data, and if on a two year payment plan, $14 to $20 a month. The phone number on a tablet isn't the same as a mobile phone number, it's not associated with a costly rate plan, and tablets on a two year contract are not subsidized; you pay off the retail price in non-taxed monthly installments, because you pay the full tax upfront when you purchase.


The cost of it all anyway is nowhere near $60 a month. But you may have a one time charge of $60 or more for taxes and initial services, after that your monthly total for a single tablet should be no more than $25. If tablet charges have gone up substantially since my last purchase, I'm unaware of it. Telus hasn't notified me of an increase in my tablet fees.


As for the "free" offer -- doesn't sound legit.