Slow internet connection


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Is anyone else experiencing slow intetnet connections and phone freezing, taking a long time to load and some applications not working properly ? I thought it was just my phone but it happens on any phone I put my sim in.
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Not here!


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TELUS Employee

Lightning speed for me! Things like location, model of phone (which you stated it had no change with model of phone), age of your sim card can all affect this. I would recommend:

  • Giving your phone a good power off and on if it's been a while.
  • Try using it a different location if it's just happening at home or work to see if it's that location only. Or if you are in a basement suite maybe it's all the concrete etc. affecting it. 
  • Calling or chatting Telus to have your sim card repushed onto the tower. That can really help. *611 from your cell phone. 
  • Or even just purchasing a new sim card to see if that helps. They're $15
  • Maybe it's time for a new phone?
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