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Why would I be receiving texts and calls meant for someone I don’t know and have never met? They think I’m some French girl and my phone thinks I’m in Ontario and speak French. Customer support has done NOTHING so I’ll ask the “neighbourhood”

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Community Power User

Why would your phone think you're in Ontario and speak French if you're not and you don't? That doesn't make a lot of sense. If you call someone you know, do you appear as the correct number on their call display?


The person the creditors are after may have given the wrong phone number to the creditors. Wouldn't be the first time that's happened. Did you just get your phone number very recently? If yes then someone may have had it before. If no, then someone most likely gave the creditor the wrong phone number. There is also a tiny chance it's a scam but it's hard to tell. Most of the scams going around haven't been for debt collections.


Was the creditor calling for a debt owed to Telus or some other company? If it was for a debt owed to Telus, you could contact Telus and they should be able to see that the number is assigned to you now and not the third party. You may have to escalate it a bit on the billing side as I'm not sure if the front line employees can do much with an account that was sent to collections. Most creditors won't believe a person they call when that person tells them they called a wrong number.


If the debt is for another company, customer support can't do anything about someone calling you. You could try call blocking services on your phone but the creditor may call from another number and get around the block. If the creditor is using a robocall system to call you and your phone service is through Telus, you could enable Call Control (free). It is very effective at blocking robocalls.

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Getting calls because someone has the wrong number is nothing new.

I'm curious, what exactly did you expect customer service to do about your situation? I certainly wouldn't want Telus to be able to decide who I get calls and texts from.

What do you mean when you say your phone "thinks you are in Ontario"? Where do you see that?

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Community Power User

You can always tell them they have the wrong number/person they’re looking for. Instruct them to remove your number from their calling list. 


This isn’t a Telus problem, you can also enable call control as instructed below.