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When will Telus get on board like its spin off company Koodo and introduce shock-free data. When your on a shared plan it gets tiring real quick constantly watching everyones data. Incurring extra data overage fees or being slapped with a data suspension fee for doing due diligence sucks. I just want the data killed when the limit is reached for that month if I choose not to purchase additional data.

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It's easier for Koodo, because they do not have shared plans, so when one user in a family hits their ceiling, the others are not affected. I'm not sure I'd be happy with my data being cut off because Junior consumes all of our data plan. If you are watching data volumes already, possibly setting a lesser limit for the over consumers, and cutting their plan  privileges earlier might be a  possibility.


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I do not have a shared data plan and need to be able to pause my daughter's data. Yes it would be nice to force her to manager her data and could probably do that if she wasn't living away at school but that is not going to consistently work. A simple option on the web site to pause data would work. It doesn't have be be automatic.

What type of phone is she using. If it's an android device there is an app called 3G Watcdog that, when properly setup, can restrict your daughters from using any data over the level you specify. It even has widgets so she can monitor her data and know she's getting close. After she reaches the threshold the app hits her with the hein and shuts her data access down.

Hope this helps

@Pissed-off-- I commented on your own post, thinking you were managing a shared plan and wanted to disable data on one account. Does your daughter have her own account, in her name, separate from you, but that you're paying the bill for? If so, you can't control her data.

Sorry but I'm going to be 'that guy', if your daughter can't control the amount of data she has and continually goes over then she shouldn't have data?  Perhaps just a Phone/Text plan and just use Wifi (which is almost everywhere now)


My wife isn't the most tech savy, but I have taught her enough to be able to manage her data, on her iPhone she turns off data for those apps she doesn't want to have, and she goes into her My Account App if she believes she is getting close to monitor it.  I'm sure Android phones have even more control then iPhones.

As others have mentioned Telus does text you when you get close, so when I get my text saying I'm getting close, I monitor my data usage more closely.

I'm sorry but, you yourself just admitted that our data buckets are shock-free. You are aware of the overages that are coming. We text you 3x before you go over at 75%, 85%, 95% and at $10, and block each line at $50. Like the others have said would you prefer the entire account be blocked because on person went over? Most of our customers would be furious! The koodo plans do not share and therefore they can block people the minute they go over. Their branding is aimed at customers who want to save money and the Telus branding is aimed at the premium experience of faster, better network experience where the speeds are constant. No one on the Telus network can claim they had no idea they were incurring anything. The SMS notifications go out to every line. 

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You can call that shock-free if you like but that's b/s. This is not a shared data plan so pausing her data does not affect me. I have arranged to switch to Rogers this weekend. While it's not automatic I can log in and, with a simple switch, pause the data at any time. I don't have to "train" my daughter as some have suggested or take away her data completely.

The option to block data through your online account was just added. Click on Usage on the left, then Data on the next page. The next page with the circles takes a few seconds to fully load, but you should eventually see the option to Block data usage.



There's tons of helpful data trackers built into phones now as well as apps that can be downloaded which I wholeheartedly recommend. The sooner this is done, the sooner they're going to start working in your favor. I have yet to see a single penny in data overages to be honest because of these features.


edit: whoops, this thread's from Nov 2016, not 2017. Sorry for the resurrect!