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S20 Ultra - 5G issues (Port from Rogers).


Today i ported my number from Rogers (5G service) to Telus (5G service) using S20 Ultra device (SM-SG988W).

5G worked perfectly fine on Rogers.

To my surprise i was advised from Telus support (Live chat) that, there is a 'known' issue for Samsung S20 (FE / Ultra, etc) where devices are not able to connect to 5G network on Telus.
Telus has an active ticket (internal , ticket # 11068113 ) , yet, no solution or update from Samsung/Telus support team about this.

After reading on PublicMobile / Koodoo forums, in these forums appears that there is a lot more discussion about this then on this forum.

Samsung S20 Ultra is supposed to be fully compatible with 5G network? (Please correct me if i am wrong).

I don't feel like spending extra money for new device just because of this, especially when 5G should work on this device.

Is there a way to escalate this with Telus/Samsung , or what would be the best way to look into having this resolved?

I can provide more information / tests / outputs, if needed, for any kind of troubleshooting.

Thanks for your time / help.


That's what i tried installing, and i am unable to do so on my S20 Ultra.

NetMonster is what I use. It has ads but it has been the most reliable out of all of the apps to see what cell towers and frequencies your device is seeing and connecting to.

Thanks, ill check it out.

You are right sometimes it does not switch to 5G automatically. If you disable 5G and LTE on put ba k it works.... They have a bug for sure.

Envoyé depuis mon appareil Galaxy

I called tonight and the technician said he added 3 th8ngs t9 my phone (VoLTE, LTE and bla bla)... I reset again my network settings and reboot the phone after the call... Nothing seems better I mean. I can't see the VoLTE option. Either my phone is not loading the new configuration or he told me BS. I only get like 3.5G at home so I have to use Wifi Calling

You can confirm if VoLTE is working from (Samsung):

Settings \ About Phone \ Status Informaiton \ SIM Card Status (Disable WIFI to see this properly).
If Mobile Voice Network type is set to "LTE" = VolTE is enabled.


Also, you can use app from Play store called "Samsung Band Selection" .
Once installed, click on "MORE NETWORK SETTINGS" , under SIM press on TELUS , there you will see if VolTE  is enabled, as well as WiFi calling , preferred network type, etc.


Most of these features are hidden now from Samsung.

They are hidden based on the carriers SIM in the device. It is the carrier that requests what options are available when their SIM is put in a device.

I have issues sometimes it stays in 4G. I am remote in rural area and have hard time to switch to LTE. They definetely have issues with their algorithm not sure I will stay with them. Can't see any n71 band enabled (600 MHz).... I am surprised how bad it is...

I am looking info different options as well.