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Reception Issues


Hey Guys, 


Hope that an existing Telus client can offer some help here. I am a new Telus client, about to hit 6 months. Device is a Nexus 6P. 


I've been having an issue where outbound calls seem to not work (not all calls, maybe..50% of them) with a "Cannot Call" error on some calls. I frequently seem to lose network reception as well. This happens no matter if I am inside or outside the house. I live in an urban area - In Mississauga by the 407. Tower is close. 


Telus has told me there is no issue with the network, and to use Telus Extend..which seems to have some audio clarity issues itself. Today, I called Telus and they told me to call Google as  it is a Nexus  device. 


After finding the correct way to contact Google (The # Telus gave me was Canadian Border Services Agency) I was transferred to Huawei who told me I would need to send the phone for repair. 


I am insanely sceptical to send the phone in.. If I drive 10 minutes in any direction I get a strong signal and have never seen a call drop. I really do think there is an issue with this Tower. I've also reported it 50+ times to the Telus NetXP app. 


Any recommendations on how I can convince Telus to help me out here and fix the tower - Or at least diagnose the issue?


For the price I am paying, the ability to make a simple phone call really shouldn't feel like a luxury. 





Community Power User
Community Power User
Have you some neighbours with whom you could collaborate to make a stronger case? If your interpretation is correct, more users would add weight.
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That's a good idea, I can try to ask around. I really only know two neighbours and one is with Wind and one with Rogers 🙂