Re: Ridiculous Internet Usage Claim


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My usage has been changed to something reasonable. But check out my current usage - It seems that April comes after August? Most people think that September comes after August. I think that they have a little work to do yet. Snap 2017-09-20 at 22.20.40.png  


Im suspicious of the Internet data claims on my Bill as well.

Im not over the limit but close and have never seen it this high in my life , 117 when I'm normally around 80 gb . To me it appears to me the telus data counter is padding the usage claims to reflect more usage then I use making it appear more used / useful then it is.

Decided to be pro active and installed a few apps on the computer and cell phone to measure the data usage myself. 

The windows 10 built counter has it at 60 GB the cell phone gets little download action