RCS Plans?


Rogers seems to have universal roll out, Bell seems to have partial roll out, just wondering what the ETA/roadmap for Telus is in regard to RCS? Any thoughts?

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If Bell has it, Telus may have it soon. Telus hasn't announced anything yet though and they are normally fairly quiet about their future plans. 

There was a discussion about RCS last year. Rogers was the initial carrier doing a test run of Google's RCS system. Initially Rogers had it limited to being able to communicate only with other Rogers or Fido users though they may have expanded that. You'll still need to use Google's Android Messages app specifically. (RogersFido


Since Bell has partnered with Samsung for RCS, Bell only allows RCS on specific devices (S8, S8+, Note8) and only in areas where VoLTE service is available. Other Android devices do support RCS (Rogers says 4.4 and newer, and only if Enhanced Features is enabled) but for Bell, this initial rollout of RCS looks like one of those features designed to get people to buy newer more expensive phones if they want to use it. At some point Bell might enable other current, and older devices to use RCS. RCS is not available to Bell users on pre-paid plans.


Apple on the other hand has iMessage, that doesn't rely on the carriers and works with current and several past generations of iPhones and iPads.

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Telus has not announced their plans yet. Following some of the enthusiast sites such as MobileSyrup, or iPhone in Canada usually gets news as it is released.


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I had emailed Telus about this and wifi calling for the Pixel 2, they replied saying:

"First, I want to thank you for choosing TELUS as your mobile communication provider, we appreciate your trust.

I'm please to confirm that the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are compatible with VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling protocol.

However, TELUS is currently rolling out the provisioning of these 2 services on selected devices. For now, on the Android side, the only cleared phone for Wi-Fi / VoLTE is the LG G6 on the Apple side all iPhone SE and above have been cleared.

TELUS will soon be rolling out the provisioning of these new technologies including Rich Communication Services (RCS) on other Android devices in the coming weeks and months."

So take that for what it's worth, I imagine it will be many months, not weeks though.

That's depressing.


I would like them to hurry up on the wifi calling and rcs messaging..


Telus doesn't seem to care too much about WiFi Calling and RCS.  They don't seem to want to invest into things that are new.  Customer Care training on new services and functions is so horrible enough.  Imagine them having to actually pay to try and train them on something new when they can't even grab the old?!  


I had never really considered switching providers until now, if they can't keep up to date and provide the services I need I might have to leave.