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Question about iphone constantly going into no service


My wife and I both have iphone with Telus, I have a iphone 8 and she has a iphone 6. For the past couple weeks at our house we don't have the best service her like 2-3 bars but anyways for some reason her phone will go to no service even with my telus iphone in the exact same location has 2-3 bars.


Once its in no service it does not come back unless you do something about it. Restarting the phone sometimes fixes it temporary, resetting the network settings sometimes fixes it for a short period or else we have had to turn off the phone and take out the sim card and put it back in seems to fix it. Once we fix it after a few days it goes back to no service.


Anyone have any ideas of a more permanent fix rather than these temporary solutions?





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Community Power User
While I don’t have a direct answer to your question, have you set up Wi-Fi calling on your phones? It would at least prevent lost calls!

What happens if you swap SIM cards? I’m wondering if her SIM is the issue.
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Thanks I will, a bit more info is my IOS is 13.4.1 but heroes is like 12.3 or something but it says its up to date and after talking with tech support they suggest this is the problem. Is there any way to force the latest update without factory defaulting the phone?

The iPhone 6 is no longer supported by Apple so you won't be able to update to iOS 13. I believe 12.4.6 is the last version that the iPhone 6 can get.


You should update anyway for the secuity fixes even if it's not going to solve this problem.


Yes it does have 12.4.6 currently and the telus tech i just talked to said to default it so it would update to the 13.x one..... so obviously factory defaulting the phone wont fix this?

Okay, so "12.3 or something" turns out to be 12.4.6 then. That's the latest version you can get on an iPhone 6, it will not update to 13 no matter what you do.


I've also been having reception and speed problems on my 6 year old OnePlus One as well. We get 2-3 bars at home and nobody else in the house has issues except me. Everyone else has more recent phones. I'm using a custom ROM so I have the latest version of Android so I'm thinking it's a hardware issue with older phones. TELUS might have changed the cell tower equipment to work better with the newer phones. I never had issues previously getting 70-80 mbps downloads at home. Now I only get 10 mbps at home and loose my signal regularly.

It is hard to know what's wrong without access to all of the information.  We don't know the ins and outs of the software on Telus' end of things.  


You might want to see if you can get more information about your phone's connection.  I copied this from a site:

In Android, you can access Field test mode like this: “Settings” > “About Phone”, and voila, the signal strength will display in numbers under Status or Network, which depends on the phone model and make. It is easier in Android.


A bit more info to this is that my wifes sim card and my sim card work in my phone but neither her sim card or my sim card in her iphone 6 will work so by that the sim card appears to not be the problem but something with the phone