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Poor reception in heritage valley Allard

Freedom mobile has excellent coverage in my area but telus doesn't. Reason is freedom mobile has a tower here. Is telus going to place a tower soon. If not I am looking at changing service provider as I cannot change my house.

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Community Power User

Are you having issues in Allard or Heritage Valley in SW Edmonton? You're talking about a fair sized area and being more specific as to where can help.Telus, Bell and Rogers all have towers roughly the same distance from Allard.


First thing you should consider is talk to tech support at Telus Mobility and ensure they are aware of the issue and your exact address. The more people that call in and report issues, the better picture they'll have of where the issue is and are more likely to invesigate. They will need multiple examples to rule out there just being an issue with one phone.


Getting new towers installed is not a fast or a cheap process. Especially if some area residents are off the mindset that they don't want a big tower next to their back yard. You can find more information on the process here:


Part of the issue very possibly could be your phone as well. Some questions to better understand your situation:


  1. What is the approximate distance from your place to the nearest Telus/Bell tower? (Measure distance between points on Google Maps)
  2. What model of Samsung phone do you have?
  3. What version of Android?
  4. How many bars do you see when on LTE?
  5. How many bars do you see when on 3G? (Can make a difference)
  6. Are you having the problem when only indoors? Outdoors?
  7. Do you live in a house or apartment style building? (apartment: more walls, potentially weaker signal)

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There is no other problem than lack of tower. Question is are you going to have a tower closer to Allard or 41st avenue sw

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Community Power User

Telus doesn’t disclose cellular expansion plans, so no one here knows.


I find Telus Wi-Fi calling service fills in gaps where no cell service is available. Check and see if it is available to your phone.


You can also look at this map to see which towers are line of sight to your location.


Ultimately, you have to choose what works best for you.



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Wow, I can't believe I'm the only one. I was coming on here to look for general tips to improve my connectivity, and within seconds I see this post. I'm at the corner of James Mowatt & 30 Ave, and service here is practically non-existent! My phone is constantly at one bar - I've never seen it go over half. I switched to Telus in July while I was visiting family in Ottawa, and had no issues at all. Now that I'm back home, I feel like I'm living in the dial-up era again. Paying $75/month for this poor service is ridiculous! I'll be switching providers within the next few days once I have time... researching now who to use.