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Poor Online Store Customer Service

Just Moved In

I am currently a Koodo customer. Decided to buy an iPhone 12 Pro and move up one level to Telus.  Telus website says to get new service and after new service is activated transfer my phone number from Koodo to Telus. Cool.


Ordered the phone and service online Sunday. Checked online order status Tuesday and saw:


Additional information is required to process your order
Please contact us as soon as possible by email at [email protected] so that we can complete the processing of your order.

The information is also in the email we sent you.


Sent an email to [email protected] and did not receive a response (I still have not received a response.) Called Telus and was told I needed to go through an enhanced security check even though I was already a Koodo Mobile customer, and had been a Telus customer previously. One of the enhanced security questions was about an instore card, that according to the question was opened 9 years ago that I no longer have or have any memory of. (In the past 9 years I have been on dialysis, had a kidney treatment, and been on therapeutic treatments to extend the life of the new kidney.)


I was told that I would have to go to one of your stores and show a piece of photo ID. Did this yesterday. (The store rep had no idea what was going on and had to wait on the phone for thirty minutes as she figured out what to do with my photo ID.) I was told by the rep at the store that none of this would have happened if I had placed the order in store. The point of ordering online was to avoid going out in this COVID era. I am on immune system suppressants to help to prevent my body's immune system from attacking my kidney.) Telus doesn't give a dam.


Today, even though I have done everything asked, the status of my online order still says that more information is required to process my order. Called Telus again and was told it could be another 48 hours for the status of my order to change and its processing to continue, This means I won't be receiving my phone on time, through no fault of my own.  


WTF Telus and how will I be compensated? I could walk into an Apple store early tomorrow morning and buy an iPhone 12 Pro without incident or harassment, but Telus has already charged the sales tax for the order to my credit card.




That's a sad and disturbing story.  Not surprising though.  Hopefully someone will see  your note that can help you.


Sounds like a credit check was performed, and you were unable to answer one of the questions correctly.

I would be happy that Telus is being that strict, so that I could ensure that no one was attempting to use my identity to sign up for service.

Considering the tons of inaccurate credit information and the difficulty or impossibility of fixing it sometimes, it is often not a credible verification.