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Plans out of wack?

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Let me preface this by saying i have been a Telus customer for 8 years and have no desire to switch carriers...


For me to upgrade to a Nexus 6P with 4gb data and a 0$ outright cost for the phone i would need to be on a 85$ a month plan

If i wanted the local "special according to a rep" plan with 5gb of data (non shareable) for 70$ a month i would be required to pay $170 for the 6P


Rogers and Bell both offer a 5gb plan that also includes unlimited Canada calling and messaging, voicemail etc etc at the $70 a month range. But this also includes a 0$ outright price for a 6P.


I talked with Telus about this and 2 separate reps both told me they did not know why there plans are higher, but they "are what they are". I confirmed everything is the same with a rogers rep who was also curious about what telus is thinking.  


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Community Power User

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