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Piece of Mind or Simple Share

Just Moved In
Can i add a tablet and apple watch to one of these plans. Would it share the data. Say piece of mind 10 or 29? How much does it cost?

ive seen tablet only plans but i just want to use my phones plan data.

Currently with Rogers and have a tablet and phone with a shared data bucket. thinking of getting an apple watch lte as well but dont want three different plans.

Community Power User
Community Power User

The Simple Share plans should allow device sharing. The watch comes with a $10 unlimited data plan.

You can, of course tether your tablet.



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Sorry if i wasnt clear. i have a cellular ipad pro and iphone and would need a sims for both.

can i get a sim for my tablet that uses my phones data alotment rather than a seperate tablet plan or tethering? i understand the watches are esims and can be added, but what about tablets?

I think you still have to pay $10/month but the data allotment is shared. That’s my understanding. I believe a SIM is $35 one time.