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Pay per use

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I intend to get a pay-per-use plan;

1. Will I be able to call & text outside of Victoria? Also, will I be charged the long-distance rates outside of Victoria? 

2. Will I be able to apply for the add ons eg Data10 and use them outside of Victoria? 

3. Do I have to top up before 30 days? Is $10 is the minimum amount? 

Thank you. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

#1: The plans include local minutes and may include roaming if you are away from your home area and long distance charges if calling outside your area. Depending on which pre-paid plan you choose, Canada-wide text messaging is typically included. See Pre-Paid Plans page or talk to a rep at the Telus Store. 

#2: Should be able to

For #3, that's answered in a few places, including the support page and the terms of service at the bottom of the Pre-paid Plans page

  • Your Prepaid account must be topped up prior to your balance expiry for any remaining balance to be carried forward.

If you have your own unlocked phone, maybe check out Koodo's plan. It's not pre-paid but has 200 national minutes (no long distance charges, unlimited evenings and weekends) and 100MB of data for $30/mo.

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To add to the comments of @Nighthawk 

1. You will pay long distance charges when you call an out of area number or you are out of area and make a non-local call. You can use prepaid anywhere in Canada on the Telus network. 

2. You can use add-ons anywhere in Canada. There are no out of area costs for data or texts. 

3. Best value in prepaid is the $100 annual top up. Works out to about $8 per month, and is great for those needing only a few minutes for calling or texting. You would need to set a reminder so your balance remains each year. 

The minimum is $10. We buy a $10 top up each 30 days, get a $10 data add-on, which nets us lower minute costs, and every few months I add a $10 of $25 card to keep enough minutes for our needs. This lets SWMBO message and call as necessary. 

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