Nightmare on Telus Street


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So, I tried to escalate with the following but there's a ridiculous 2000 character limit. I sent an abridged version of it anyhow, but I wanted to share it here in full as well.


Hope you find my misery amusing. /s


"Being eligible for EPP, I have ordered a new Note8 phone for myself.


I also asked to port my and my wife's numbers from Bell. I was going to be under contract, whereas she was only porting her number, bringing her own device.


We both selected 300 local minutes.


I get an email, with all information intact, with the order number.


Then our nightmare began.


We received an email next day, asking who the employee was and our full names. This information was already available but we replied.


We received the phone and 2 SIM cards, Dec 8th.


We called the automated line 877-TO-TELUS, the transfer didn't work.


So I tried to talk with someone with “transfer issue”. The person I’ve talked to said my number looked eligible. When I said it’s an EPP plan, he transferred me to some other department.


I waited exactly 1 hour 12 minutes before hanging up.


On December 12th, Amanda Christopher sent an email telling they're experiencing some issues with our credit check, asking for our full names and billing address. I replied to the email.


I also called the customer service. During the talk, I gather I have multiple accounts created, since your employee asked ME why we had 2 accounts (!).


After 1 hour 12 minutes and 35 seconds, the person on the line tells me everything is now in order, they removed the initial account/order and created a second working one and we should be able to finish porting now. I was told my account number was 33658451. (Which is not, revealed on December 21st...)


I did get a a transfer ready email that evening. I finished my transfer successfully on December 12th, but my wife's number was still stuck.


On December 13th, at 12:32pm, I called customer service again. The person on the line is almost helpful, getting assistance from some unknown people on the line, trying to get things right. I was told that the order was modified constantly, my wife's information is nowhere to be found. I don't know why but no one seems to understand we already have the SIMs and the phone.


I was told that Telus made a credit check for my wife, which was supposed to be BYOD and it turned out as bad. Actually it's non-existent because she doesn't (yet) have a credit history in Canada at all. She didn't need a credit check in the first place, it is a HUGE mistake as this will affect her future credit score negatively.


After 1 hour 39 minutes and 43 seconds, he told me that he will call me the next morning with everything resolved and my wife's account (or whatever) is working.


2 days later, I call again since no one called me back.


26 minutes and 2 seconds later, I was told that my initial order is reactivated and I should wait for 5-6 days. Right...


At this point I already know this is a huge joke.


On December 21st, I called the customer service. Of course there's nothing going on.


After 1 hour 33 minutes and 25 seconds, my wife's number is activated and she's now on Telus. But the problems didn't end.


Like I said earlier, I learned that my account number was actually something else.


This allowed me to view my account details online. Issues remaining:


* I saw an existing bill, Dec12-Dec13, $157.70. I paid $40 for the call I made on December 13th to customer service. Nice, making customers pay for your mistakes.

* My wife's name is misspelled, I think this may be easy to fix, though I'm not sure anymore.

* My wife's plan is Premium plus, $65/month. It is quite different from what we chose on Apex Wireless, 300 local minutes with BYOD discount of $15, a total of $40/month.

* My wife seems to have a contract for the phone we bought from Samsung 2 months ago. Hence the lack of BYOD discount? (And what happened to the credit score issues?)


Oh, and I don't think any email sent to is being read, I've been trying since day 1.






So cool, eh?


This doesn't include many details to be honest. I can't be bothered with this much incompetency, during my time with Bell, never had any issues even remotely similar to these.


If Telus can manage it, I wanna keep the phone but cancel everything else (phone is innocent and I like it). Otherwise, I'll return everything and hope to get a refund of some sort for the bill I paid.


Been holding for 1:08:11 now... Can't even cancel!


If anyone is thinking any of these complaints coming from everyone are "normal" let me tell you this: I'm originally from Turkey, which I consider to be a 3rd world country -even worse. It takes me a minute to connect to a human on Vodafone. Porting is done online, you click several times and in 10 minutes you're with your new provider. You don't even restart your phone...


So yeah, none of this is normal. Thinking otherwise just hinders your capacity to improve. If you believe you're getting what you paid for, you really need a fact check and re-calculate your baseline. 


1:12:52 and counting. I am sick of the same 3 cheap Christmas songs.


Edit: spelling


96 minutes and counting.. Should I hang up? Online chat says 152 people waiting.


Sure, Telus is the best! 




2 hours. 


It hung up on me. 


This is utterly nonsense!


I called before the sun rose, how much earlier can I call?


Telus is insane. I spent way too much time on this.


Time to go to CRTC.