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New cell tower location

Just Moved In

There is no cell service in Likely, BC. I own property there with a great location the overlooks the area. Telus could put a tower there so the people of the community could use their cell phones and open a new market. Please contact if interested.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Likely, BC is a remote community. Odds are a cell tower won't happen unless there is a significant government subsidy. The cost to put a tower, and the related lines/hardware, in a community that remote will be extremely high. The nearest cell tower I see in that area is about 100km west of Likely, on Highway 97. (See on map)


What other small communities (larger than Likely) have done is have the entire town and the Chamber of Commerce etc, all get on board and approach Telus all together to see if they could get service in their community. Some have been successful doing that.

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