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Need help with my data not working.

Just Moved In

I'm from Ontario and recently set up a pay as you go account with my galaxy s4. I have 200mb of data but for some reason my phone won't connect to the network. Any help would be appreciated.



Check that you have mobile data enabled in your settings (settings --> data usage --> mobile data (on)) first. If that doesn't work, try turning airplane mode on & off and if that doesn't resolve it, restart your phone. If all of that fails, call Telus.

Thank you 🙂 I had the exact same problem and this worked for me ☺️ So happy

Helpful Neighbour

You might have data block in your Telus account too, if nothing works call to check if it is then ask to remove, if that's the case, don't forget to turn phone off then on after they unblock you.