Name Display for Caller ID


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I wonder why TELUS does not allow customers to display their name instead of "British Columbia" for their caller ID name?

I have searched a bit on Google and all that has been explained was due to "privacy." But if you give someone a choice (to opt in), does that void the whole "privacy" issue?

My friends at Rogers and Fido has had that feature for a while.

What is supposed to happen:
If you phone another person with Caller ID who does NOT have you in their contacts, the display name should read your name. Not British Columbia, or another province.

Can TELUS please add this feature?
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Community Manager

Another user had submitted a Neighbourhood idea for consideration. Please check out the idea here.


Feel free to have your say and "Like" the idea. In the mean-time, I'm locking this topic as it is a duplicate.