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NAT 2 on Cellphone, NAT 3 on Smart HUB?


Disclaimer: I am an Industrial PLC Programmer / Network Technician.


I bought a Telus smart hub for internet in a rural location. I know in the disclaimer they say that it cannot be used for P2P gaming.

But I do wonder the actual technical reason for this? Was someone just having a bad day and forgot to check a check box in the configuration, or too proud to go back and fix the issue?


I have a iPhone it gets the same db of lte signal the smart hub gets, its on the same APN as the hub, it is connected to the same tower verified by going into tech mode on the phone.

I am able to get a NAT type 2 off the iPhone hot spot no issues, I can P2P game off the iPhone like its going out of style.


The hub on the other hand gets strict NAT type 3. I have read online if you go to 4G only mode it will do NAT type 2, will be testing this method soon.

I do not see the reason for the strict NAT 3, since the signal and connected tower are the same. Is the imei locked ZTE the junk in the chain?


I read in these forums that the justification was running out of public ip's. This has nothing to do with it. If my dynamic addressed iPhone can get NAT 2 so should the hub, there are a whole lot more cell phones than there are these rural smart hubs.


With Starlink on the Horizion, and litterally over my head, this NAT issue is one that would make me go to Elons futurist service as soon as it is available in Canada.


I already found a hardware work around to Telus' tethering block on "unlimited data" and the lower 500kbps speed still allows me to play online with the iPhone, so i can P2P like it is 1999.


But it seems weird to have to hotspot the iPhone to game, when I am paying for a dedicated internet service for the house, off the same tower.


The Telus hub is great other than this one internet port connectivity issue. I have been able to get some impressive speeds 130/30 and low latency 25-30ms out of it, with only the rabbit ear antennas not even outdoor mimo.


So iPhone to Hub NAT type what is the real reason for the Difference?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Since we are all customers here, the best we can offer are guesses. Telus has not published the reasons for this difference between the two devices.


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Hopefully they can get it figured out. I am Excited to see some real competition and Internet know how come to Canada. Starlink will finally get telus fixing these issues. Or just get Starlink.


I am going to phone customer service at telus, but i doubt i will get any info.

Do you think Starlink won't have CGN (Carrier grade NAT)?

The truth of the matter is that public IPv4 addresses have been exhausted.  Although I do not work for Telus, it occurred to me that the reason they can take away the public IP address from the wireless hub is that their competition does that too.  So if one were to take a category to free up scarce addresses, that would be it.



Public Ip addresses are available if you are a business for 15$ extra a sim card / month.

But not available to the general public.

I use them in both Scada and RTK Gps applications.


IPV4 addresses are not exhausted they are just at a premium, mostly because telecoms bought them all in large chunks and just sit on them. The reason they are so reluctant to go to IPV6 is it would decimate the value of there precious ipv4 hordes.


My cell phone has a Moderate NAT2 and higher speeds using the same tower as the Hub.

Unlike the Hub with the Strict NAT and Artificial bandwidth limitation, I am sorry hub is Junk.


Currently Starlink beta tests have Moderate Nat and faster download speeds than the Telus Fibre to home connections in the nearest town to me.


Also the best part is these are the worst Fees and Speeds for Starlink early adopters, Elon is actively trying to increase speed, and also bring the cost down. Very exciting it will be a very trans-formative time for a lot of under serving ISPs. Some like Xplornet, Hughesnet, and Viasat i think will be decimated.


I cant wait till Starlink launches a cell phone!



You make a couple of valid points, but some of your speculations and assumptions make it difficult to carry on a conversation.  Good luck in your endeavors.