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Mobility account went to collections

Just Moved In
Hello All,
Yes by the title I'm writing and asking to see a solution to my problem, I was in college a few years back and my account went into collections, I was paying it off while I was in college, than I finished my course and money was tight and I stopped paying it off, anyways fast forward to this year, I paid off what I owe to Telus in January of this year, than in March I got a letter and a call from a collection agency regarding the account I paid off saying I owe them $375 for that account, which I found weird cause Telus only told me it was 160 and I paid that 160, been back and forth with Telus and the collection agency telling them and also sent proof theres 0 owing, but this neither side wants to correct their problem, and this is affecting my credit score, what can one do to resolve this?