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Why, in 2022, in a country with one of the highest cell services rates, and living in the inner city of Calgary, do I have awful cell connectivity?   Dropped calls, people unable to hear me but I can hear them, texts having to be re-sent 3-4 times.
I have called more than once to ask for a reason why, been told someone would reach out - nothing.

The answer has been - we are aware of a problem in the area - but no solution or timeline.  Oh - sorry, there has been one suggestion - WIFI calling.  Great! How about Telus get's their WIFI running properly before throwing that one out there.  And if I an paying for cellular service - why do I have to rely on WIFI??

Again - what exactly am I paying for?  Excuses and a lack of a solution based answer?  The customer service people have been great and I can sympathize with their frustration.  Frontline CS people whose hands are tied and have to lie for the companies inadequacies.  I do not know the in's and out's of fixing said problem - but I sure would love some kind of explanation.  I have been with Telus for a long time, and I do not know if any other provider would be better.  But, I don't think it is unrealistic for me to expect better than mediocre service from a company of this size.  


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Community Power User

FWIW I live in downtown Edmonton and have very poor cellular reception in my condo. I often have to resort to wifi calling as the signal strength can be close to non-existent. The main reason is my condo has 8 inch concrete walls/floors. If I'm outside my building the issue goes away. Hard to put the blame on Telus for this.


If you are having wifi issues Telus should be able to help you with that.


This is a fairly extensive article on the many things that can effect cellular reception:


Optimizing & Understanding Cellular Data Performance - Getting Better Speeds & Reliability - Mobile ...


Just a long time customer hoping to help.

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blow is my own experience (as on Nov 2022) : 

I have just been entertained (nightmare) by Telus Sales Agent - who got me signed in for Home Security and Black Friday Mobile (5 lines) deal. On words/verbal - he got me a 37 CAD Home Security deal (never told me that it was 5 Year binding contract) and with way less devices (on actual as compared to what he told me verbally). Anyhow he also got me signed into a iPHONE 13 deal with 100GB package (with my 5 lines) with 50 CAD for first line and next at 45 CAD Each. But once I signed and called actual Telus - they told me that my signed deal is different from what I am telling them (or what Sales Guy told). After lots of struggle - I managed to got all the services cancelled.... without even using it for a single day (with in 3 to 4 days of signing)... but today i think my nightmware is starting - i got a bill (for mobile only) as 432 Dollars and payment should be done before 28th of Dec 2022..... what ??? but I never used your service ? never got any SIM ? neither any mobile  ? what is the Bill for ? I am now calling Telus and for last 55 Minutes - on wait .. and there seems no end to it ....

isnt it a nightmware ..... TELUS .... what the hell ? All Telecom Companies in Canada simply Suck...... we should ask US companies to take over ....