Min $3 dollar 5 min talk rate plan change


I totally agree, but worst part is they have us by the B@lls and we can’t do a thing about it... i was also paying .15 a minute in for years, now .60   I also have the $5.00 a month 250 texting messages...I’d hate to loose that too.

Chatr may be my next carrier if Telus keeps this up.  I’ve been a loyal customer for about 15 years or more, so much for loyalty.



For your consideration here is part of one of my previous posts on this topic, also please note the PC mobile plan I mention below in addition to offering Canada wide minutes (rather than local) also offers unlimited Canada wide free calling between any other pc mobile customer. Hope this helps you in your decision.


There is a website called whistleout which will show all the prepaid plans available by all the Canadian carriers; there are a couple of interest. One with PC Mobile (using the Bell network) and Petro Canada Mobility which I think uses Rogers (not sure). The PC Mobile one offers a plan for $15 a month which includes unlimited Canadian and international texting and 50 Canada wide minutes, provides the provision to add additional talk, long distance or data option packages if desired, plus includes voice mail, call forwarding ,caller i.d. etc.


Unfortunately, I just added another $100.00 to my account in Sept, so I have a long way before my money is used up...if I would have been aware of the changes Telus was making I would never have done my top up..


2 weeks ago Telus messaged me and Telus refunded me the $3.00 saying it was a mistake and they should have charged me $10.00.  


I’ve been watching my account for past 2 weeks, NO $10. charge.


This morning, my old plan of .15 per minute was back!!




Same thing here change the plans. I had $100/365 prepaid local 15/text30/ld50 had to change to $100/365 400/400 talk and text with no ld. Wife major surgery account had $4 showing plus the 400/400. Phone quits half way through an important call out of $. I did not know the 400 was local calls only. so now i will have to add $ to the account. The old 100/365 was perfect for us but they don't offer it now. I would love to have the old plan back (emergency only travelling) They did put dollars on the account after a long phone call with them. I don't understand that they don't inform people by email about all the plan changes they do. Cell is not used for weeks/months at a time so don't see changes and then see billing changes show up on cell account. Now the $100 plan has to be topped up with some $ at more cost to me for the year. I am a 50  year customer with telus...... Polecat    CHECK IT AFTER A MONTH i don't believe it.