Long distance saver for prepaid users from abroad


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I wonder if we can use this add-on, which I see is a 30 day service for 5$. However, I could not find any place where I could know if I could make a call with this service from any of the 200 international countrie to Canada or within the country I am visiting. Did anyone had this experience? How much would it cost, for example if I travel to Costa Rica and I had this plan? Thanks. Carlos

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Telus prepaid does not work for calls made from countries other than Canada, only a Post-paid (monthly) account offers calling when outside Canada.


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I'm assuming you are referring to a prepaid add on, if so the answer is telus mobility prepaid plans do not support international roaming.


Telus prepaid plans do not support calling outside of canada.


Telus Prepaid does not work outside Canada - the add-on is for calling the other countries from within Canada!


As already mentioned, Telus is well behind the times.  You need a postpaid account to roam in other countries.  However, you can pick up a prepaid SIM from a carrier in the country you are traveling to and use that in your device, if the device is SIM unlocked and compatible with their network.  T-Mobile is always a good option in the US thanks to their band 2, 4, and 12 coverage and domestic roaming policies where you can roam on to AT&T in the few places where T-Mobile doesn't have service, like parts of southern West Virginia.