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Lollipop update on Galaxy S5 and Screen Pinning Option

Just Moved In

    Lollipop was just made available to Galaxy S5 users on 17 Mar and I downloaded and installed it successfully. It runs very well but I have one question...

    One of the interesting new features is supposed to be the Screen Pinning function to lock a phone within a specific app if you want to lend it to a friend or child for a specified purpose without worrying that they can get into anything else. It is supposed to be activated by an option in Settings->Security, but for some reason, at least in the version of Lollipop pushed out by Telus it is absent. Is this deliberate for technical reasons or is it an oversight?

Just wondering....



If the Lollipop update is available for the GS5, why does the Telus site still not say it's available?

And why in the world does it take Telus so long to make these updates available even after Samsung has released the update already?