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LTE Coverage


I own a Samsung Galaxy S4, a V3 "LTE" sim card, and I live in Ingersoll, Ontario which according to the "coverage map" is covered by LTE, yet I get no LTE service (only 4G). When in London, Ontario "LTE" does kick in and even though I don't get close to 75 Mbps, it is at least faster then what I'm receiving at home.


Ingersoll - 9Mbps

London - 22Mbps


Any ideas?


CPU Alum
CPU Alum
What happens if you go outside? Do you get LTE service? If so, it could be interference.

I've been outside and it makes no difference. I've also been to various places across difference! I have confirmed from coworkers who are using another carrier that there is LTE service here in Ingersoll...Just not working with Telus!

Just Moved In

Both locations appear to be under 4G LTE coverage according to the map on


75Mbps is "theoretical speed". All telcos show the theoretical speeds, since the real one varies a lot based on number of factors.

I usually compare the ones of my iPhone with what they say as "average". So if TELUS says for 4G LTE average speed is "12-25Mbps" I think you get pretty good speeds in London with 22Mbps...


London LTE speeds are fine...The only problem is I live and work in Ingersoll. When a person buys a $600 LTE phone and the coverage map indicates LTE availability, that person expects LTE connectivity and speed (even if it's on the low end with 12Mbps).