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Is there a way to call forward without my phone here

Just Moved In

I am on vacation and left my phone at home and need a way to forward the calls and change my devices access code so my roommate can't use my phone while I'm away. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Device access code? Impossible to change without the phone. You could however remotely lock your phone if you have that feature already enabled on the phone. How will depend on the phone.

Call forwarding does require the phone. You could try calling in to Telus Mobility technical support and see if they can help but it's not likely.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Tbone I'm probably late to the party but as @Nighthawk suggested, give Technical Support a call. If you're using an HSPA (SIM) enabled device, they can remote forward your number. Please note that pay per use call forwarding fees apply with out an add-on.