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Is the Support not available today? ringing but no one picks up at support

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I have been hold for so long and then its transferred to support it just keeps ringing?

What the heck is going on?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Reach out to them via their social media channel on twitter @TelusSupport It usually garners a faster response.


It's a long weekend!  You can't expect them to actually work while they are at work.  😛  It's just another typical day and experience when calling Telus.  They are this bad every day!  

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Being on hold for one to two hours in not surprising.


Sometimes I will call up and put it on speakerphone while using the Chat line at the same time.  I will respond to who gets to me first.

This is nothing new. It a perfectly normal bad experience with Telus support. They’re by far the worst for response times...and even when someone does eventually answer, they’re useless. Say what you will about Rogers and Bell, but they’re way easier to deal with than Telus is. I find Rogers to have the best service out of all 3 of them. I have no idea where Telus’ “best customer service” claims come from. I certainly don’t see it, and I’ve been with all 3 carriers.

@Pskippy-- I've never used any other mobility service, but people I know on Rogers do get faster customer service than do Telus customers, but the reps are not better informed. CS reps can't know everything, that's expecting too much from a human; doctors don't even know everything. Smiley LOL It's best for all customers to put a  little effort into their inquiry before they inquire, and then make their inquiry clear. I dealt with a mobility tax issue last year by email, and the rep had no idea which items had tax and which did not, so I told him, and then showed him how the taxes on my account were incorrect. It took him a few days to get back to me on it, but after he talked to his managers, or whoever, and understood I was correct, everything was fixed. I understand customers can't know advanced technical issues, but for many other issues, customers can know, without using witchcraft, and should say so if they do know, politely, obviously.

Ya but an hour and half (that’s the average for me) is ludicrous in terms of wait times. Also, I find Telus to be a lot more inflexible compared to Rogers in terms of promotions, loyalty etc. If it wasn’t for their great coverage, I’d be gone. But now that piece (coverage/performance) is also significantly improving on the Rogers side, so....

They all go through their phases when it comes to loyalty and promotions.  I took 6 lines away from Rogers years ago because they basically told me my grandfathered plan was coming to an end and that my plan price would almost triple.  That wasn't acceptable and they wouldn't offer me anything I felt was reasonable for 15 years of loyalty.  I contacted Telus, explained my situation and that I was looking for a fair deal to bring 6 lines over as the contracts came close to expiring.  Now though, loyalty promotions don't seem to come as easily and they are holding firm on their less than great offers and promotions.  I definitely agree though that the service is better.  I had no service in my apartment on Rogers but get 3-4 bars with ease on Telus.  


Because there is basically little choice in Canada, these greedy companies are starting to realize that Canadian's have such little choice, that standing their ground will not lose them enough customers to care.  The only time they are really good with their promotions and loyalty plans is when they want to maintain and improve their subscriber numbers.  

Agreed, but TELUS has been going down the toilet lately. I’m holding onto a good Rogers offer, which I haven’t taken advantage of yet...but been thinking a lot about. They’re giving me unlimited talk/text with 10GB data for $85/month. Free iPhone 8 Plus and $500 bill credit (basically 5 months free service). Spoke to 4 different TELUS agents and they basically told me to take a hike. Decisions, decisions...

Took the Rogers deal I posted above and ported my Telus line over. Rogers even gave me an extra 3GB for free for a total of 13GB per month. Got a “win back” call from Telus a couple of days later. They offered me the same phone (i8 Plus) for free, same $85/month but for only 6GB and no bill credits. I thanked him and said no thank you. I also asked him why there was no attempt to retain me while they still had me (when I called to tell them about the Rogers offer). He didn’t answer...just thanked me for my time and invited me to complete a brief survey. Anyway, so long Telus! Good luck to everyone else.

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As I read your phone not picked by any Telus customer care person.

Sometimes you know they have too many calls at that time they are too busy to resolve problems of persons like you.

you can go to use their social media handle like twitter telus Support . They will give you resolution theirs as soon as possible.

Hope this will help you.