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I'm new to telus and tried to transfer my number from Virgin mobile

Just Moved In

I'm trying to bring my number from Virgin mobile to telus. 

BUt on my acccount Plans/Services Manage your phone number it shows me the message: 


Sorry, you’re unable to change your phone number because your account is within the exchange period.


Any help will be appreciated !


Community Power User
Community Power User

I think you want to look for the term “Port your number” not change your number. Porting should be allowed from day 1.

See these instructions.


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Just Moved In

I'm having the exact same issue. Bot's suggestion doesn't help

Just Moved In

Same thing is happening to me 😞

How were you all able to get this resolved?



I wasn't able to, still just keep trying every day and keep getting same message

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, you will need to give us a call at 1-866-558-2273 so we can initiate the port request for you. 



I contacted Telus via chat to initiate the port request.

What a mistake.... You'd think porting from Koodo to Telus would be easy right?

Well, the transfer didn't quite work and now LTE and data are disabled on my koodo account.


Being told to wait.... not off to a great start, Telus.

Hi there, it's been over a month and this functionality on a new account is still broken, same error message about the account still being in an 'exchange period'.


Had to call in to the Phillippines, which is fine, but feels like a big waste of time one everyone's part given that a simple form for the end user could do the trick!

Same problem here trying to bring over a Rogers and a Fido phone to my Telus account. For each try, I get:


"You are not able to change your number at this time.

Sorry, you’re unable to change your phone number because your account is within the exchange period."


I guess I'll try the 1-866-558-2273 number given earlier in this thread.

Friendly Neighbour

My advice to everyone is to try the online method once, and if it fails don't bother with it - just call the 1-866-558-2273 number right away and you will also need the account number from the previous carrier.

Although not the the norm, in some cases there may be issues with the port that the website is unable to address/report an error message for. In this case it would be best, as mentioned by others, to initiate the port over the phone.