Help needed for best plan


Hi Guys


I am moving to Canada but still working for an Australian company.


What would be the best cell plan to help me keep in touch with those down under.  I will be working mainly evenings as that is their day time!


Thanks for your help.  The system is all new to me!

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All Telus plans are listed on their website. they also offer a long distance add-on which includes 1000 minutes to Australia for $25/ month. You might also want to consider the use of FaceTime, Skype or other VoIP applications which allow calling through Wi-Fi to connect with friends in Australia. You'll find such calling apps much cheaper than cellular.


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Canada has some of the most expensive cellular rates and plans in the entire world!  Australia isn't much better so at least you shouldn't be too shocked with the lack of anything reasonable.  If you want calling to Australia, be prepared to pay for it!  You could always purchase some of those overseas calling calls that will give you much cheaper rates by dialing a local number to then dial your overseas number.  International texting plans are available and they aren't bad.  Not great when it comes to the price but not bad either.  If you go with Freedom Mobile, most of their plans include global texting.