Google Pixel 3a Wi-Fi calling not working


Recently purchased some Google Pixel 3a's for my sales staff. Over the last 18 days, I've been in touch with several Telus reps and Google to solve the issue of Wi-Fi calling not working on brand new phones. When I go into the menu and activate Wi-Fi calling the phone will get stuck at this screen.


wifi calling.png


It will stay at this screen for hours. I'm being told by Telus that this is a software issue with Google and that a software update is needed to be published by Google. I'm also told that this has been going on for almost a year. 


On this page -> it clearly lists the Google Pixel 3a as a phone that will work on Telus for Wi-Fi calling. 


How can Telus advertise the Google Pixel 3a for use with Wi-Fi calling with it is know by Telus that all Google Pixel 3 & 3a's are currently not working Wi-Fi calling and that "maybe in the future" this service will work!!



18 days, five Telus Reps (in customer service and technical support), One Google Rep, a trip to UBREAKIFIX (Google's suggestion) and only when I called to return the phones did a SMART Telus rep let me know that the phones need to be registered at


This was a huge waste of time!!! We should receive a bill credit for all the time that has been wasted on the phone with Telus and for the day's my salespeople have been without proper service!!!