Go on own plan and carry the device balance over with it.

I'm currently in a shared plan (3 people including me) and one of them refuses to pay until the end of the month, I'm not exactly fond of that and I was just wondering if there would be a way to move them to their own plan without paying the upfront balance of the phone. Basically move them to their own account but keep the plan and device balance.
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A Transfer of Ownership is the term to use when discussing with a Customer Service Rep. The individual account holders each need to pass a credit check, and, of course, be prepared to make the move.


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Good luck!  I co-signed for someone once upon a time that couldn't pass a credit check for Telus.  It ended up with me finding out they didn't pay their bills in full nor on time about half way in.  I had to buy out the rest of the rest of the contract and cancel it.  


The easiest solution would be to pay their share and have them owe you for it when they can pay it.  Yeah, that sucks, but depending how much longer is left in the term.  It might be the easiest solution financially.  If they can't pay their bill on time, my guess is that they won't be able to pass a credit check.