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Getting random 5 digits text from number 999 999 9999


I am getting 5 random digits text from number 999 999 9999 (4-5 times a day), ever since I switched from bell to Telus a month ago.

I cannot block 999 999 9999 because it is the way our paging system from the hospital send the text to our phone.

This is a real issue, because the spam text I am receiving is waking me up at night, and I cannot put DND because I might miss a very important page.


Thank you for your help, from a displeased customer.



@gspforlife  You will have to find out who the hospital contracts for the building telephone system. It might be telus but i think it will be some other company (shaw maybe). Lot of business people use other suppliers. It might need a program tech to sort it out. Different suppliers different contract $.

If they use another supply, for instance bell. What can they do about it to stop this??

Is not 999 999 9999 a non specific number for telus phones to receive text?


@gspforlife  In the last month we could not get a phone call it to our doctor. I contacted telus they said line and number was in service. We reached our doctor after a week by text and they had to get a service person from the company that they bought the clinic phone system. Telus does not repair other business phone systems. You pay telus for # and calls and the company for their system.A telus repair man working near me phoned the # checked it and told me all ok. A paging system would not be a telus option. It may be your phone setup How to check that i guess telus teck. Polecat

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Community Power User

The hospital should be using a specific number as it’s texting source for exactly the reason you have discovered. The use of a generic number allows for abuses to happen.

I expect that you are receiving these texts due to the spammer getting your number, not because of the carrier change.


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See they are doing email to text I believe, which goes through the number 999 999 9999. With bell, it went through a different number, and I was never getting random 5 digits numbers.


Is there a way for them to change the email to text via another number than 999 999 9999? Do they have to contact telus to do this?