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Fraudulent Behavior of Telus Sales Representative

Just Moved In

Dear Telus Mobility Customer Service,


I am writing to file a formal complaint regarding the fraudulent behavior and false promises made by Harsh, a sales representative from the Telus Team. I am deeply disappointed and angered by the unprofessional conduct and lack of accountability demonstrated by Harsh, and I seek your urgent intervention to address this matter.


In mid-February, I engaged with Harsh and his co-worker at a Telus booth in Coquitlam Centre. They presented an enticing offer to transfer my mobile service from Fido to Telus, which included two lines for $65 per month, along with additional benefits such as 1000 minutes of international calls to six countries, a $30 setup fee for both lines, $100 credits, and a $10 discount on the internet package, as I am an existing customer of Telus home internet service. Trusting in his offer and apparent professionalism, I proceeded with the transition and also recommended Telus to my sister-in-law for her mobile service needs.


However, upon receiving my March bill, I was shocked to discover that I had been overcharged. The two new lines were billed at $90 per line, and a setup fee of $60 was applied instead of the promised $65 for two lines and $30 for account setup. This situation mirrored my sister-in-law's experience.


Upon contacting Harsh, he assured me that the discounted prices would be applied after two months, and my next bill would be approximately $80 for both lines. He claimed to have applied a $30 deduction on my next bill, along with the $100 credits and $10 internet discount. However, despite his assurances, my subsequent bills continued to overcharge me, with no credits applied to my account.


My attempts to seek resolution were met with delayed responses and empty promises from Harsh,who was initially helpful during the sales process, has since ceased responding to my messages and failed to follow up on my case. Even when I escalated the matter to Telus customer service, I was directed back to the sales team for resolution, exacerbating the frustration and sense of helplessness. The entire sales process orchestrated by Harsh reeks of deception, resembling a SCAM where promises are made but not honored. It is utterly unacceptable that I continue to be charged incorrectly, and the lack of accountability and action on Telus's part is deeply troubling.


I implore the management team at Telus to intervene urgently and address this matter with the gravity it deserves.I have attached records of our text conversations and the note provided by Harsh outlining the agreed-upon plan.


The financial losses incurred due to overcharging, coupled with the lack of accountability, have caused significant distress and inconvenience.


Thank you for your attention to this matter. I anticipate a prompt resolution and your assurance that steps will be taken to prevent such occurrences in the future.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, let's see if we can get some resolution for you here.

Late March, I received a phone call from salesman named Jerry, selling me a plan for two phones, $32.50 each. Period.  Full stop.  No other charges. I took careful notes and asked questions, and agreed to the plan.  Since then, I have had frequent contact with Jerry, who, when he responded, was always just working on it, or looking into it, or sure it was fixed. Received SIM cards April 2. That same day, Telus charged my CC $185.88 .  When, despite Jerry's  assurances, my account wasn't corrected, I contacted Telus (April 23) and eventually ended up at CLS Loyalty. That person told me everything would be corrected.  April 2, Telus charged my CC $168.68. Today  I  filed a dispute with CC and again contacted Jerry and Telus.  After more than two hours on the phone I have confirmation from Telus that both bills should have been $72.24 each (there is a 95 cent per line charge per month that Jerry didn't tell me about, hence the larger amount)


I kept in touch with salesman Jerry throughout this mess and every reply, when I received one, was an assurance that he was dealing with it - although today Telus told me he has made no adjustments - last text from him, yesterday, was "I am handling this right now". I don't know his last name, but do have his phone number and email.  I would like some assurance that Telus takes my complaint seriously. This is a case of  laziness,  incompetence, or  lying. Telus surely requires better from their sakes people 

And I just received an email saying that I owe telus another $36.35. This is unbelievable.

I just had a similar situation. I was asked to upgrade a line to which I said no to. Received a call asking to update the line with the same deal but also update another line with an iPhone 15 pro. $240 device credit on each and to wave activation fees on both lines. It would’ve been a great deal. The sent me an email to confirm the deal which I did. Later that evening I receive a customer agreement for the original deal but not the iPhone 15 pro. He knew what he was trying to pull off. I will never enter into another contract with Telus and I’ll be going somewhere else when my contracts are finished.

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'll send you a private message to discuss further.