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Easy roam in Varadero Cuba ?

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Easy Roam


Travel with your monthly rate plan and use your phone just like you do at home in the US and 150+ International countries.


Telus suggests leaving the phone on airplane then I can switch the phone on for $12 per 24 hour period I can enable or disable at any time. All I would need is one day or two.


Has anybody used this option at Starfish Varadero?



I realize I'm around 2 months late but I visited Varadero last year and Easy Roam worked with no problems, I forget the network type it connected to but it was fast enough to watch youtube videos and even have video chats back home.

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Be careful I was charged 60 dollars for 5 days of roaming in Cancun for sending 10 text messages over 7 days because I assumed when roaming was turned off I wouldn't occur any charges but messaging isn't affected when roaming is off

Might want to try manually setting your carrier to Telus before you leave Canada.  No guarantees, but the "roaming off" only applies to data. Of course, some carriers (not Telus) actually allow you to use wi-fi calling outside of the country.