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Deceptive sales tactics hep

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Anybody know how to reach someone to make a complaint about deceptive tactics? I recently switched over from another provider only to discover that what I had agreed-upon was not what they ended up charging me. I’ve spent 20+ hours on the phone. no one is willing to investigate. Shocking behaviour from a Canadian company.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.

Hello, we have been the victims of, what we believe, to be very deceptive sales tactics with regards to switching from another provider. We were promised one thing and the charges are completely different. We are not happy.

Hi @Sskassem I am sorry to hear that you've had a negative experience. I will be sending you a message to check how I can help

Same here. File a complaint to BBB. That is what I am doing.

There are fees, prorated charges, and other coats on your first and sometimes second bill that aren't reflective of the monthly price of your plan and any other costs, like finance or leasing charges for devices. Always look through your bill to identify these one-time or reoccurring fees that are in addition to the cost of your service.

If you are not happy with the resolutions offered to you. You can always file a complaint with the CRTC and CCTS to see if they can assist in getting you what you were promised or a suitable resolution.

The same exact thing happened to me. I am filing a complaint with BBB and also filing a civil action. I would really like to get more details from you about what you went through.

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they almost got me, on the TELUS app, it changes the plan I selected at checkout form a $45 a month "loyalty offer" plan to a more expensive one $60 a month, have restarted phone and retried 4 times and it keeps trying to trick me into signing up for 2 years on a more expensive plan.

That's definitely odd. Have you spoken with our Mobility team about this so they could investigate?

Yes. They refused to investigate and simply said that was unfortunate. After many hours of communication. I asked them to review the recorded conversation and they declined. Even more suspicious

Yes, I was finally transferred to customer loyalty after many calls, and they were able to assist, thank you.