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Our cell phones are essentially useless because our residence is in an area of Surrey that your service  does not reach, or reaches only poorly or sporadically.  When I complained I was initially told a new tower was going to fix the problem and it would be operational by the end of September, 2014. After that date date passed it was then supposed to be installed by the end of December, 2014.  In recognition of the poor service (missed calls, no service at  residence most days) the representative reduced the monthly charges by $20.00 for each phone but given the almost useless role they still  play,  that is indeed a very inadequate compensation.  All  of our contacts have been told to not bother phoning us on our Telus Mobility numbers and instead call on our Shaw home land line phone.  


We are relatively new at our present address but understand this problem has always existed in the Rosemary Heights area of Surrey.  If the most recent promises from Telus are not met we will  very reluctantly move the last of our Telus services to another provider.

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To clarify... do you get reception standing outside of the home?  Do you get reception standing on the door?

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Well for Rosemary Heights, there is only one tower I can find. It's just west of 156 St on 28 Ave. Most of the neighborhood is within 1-2km of the tower. If you're on the north end of the neighborhood, signal could be a little weak depending on the tower itself. Most of the cell towers in the area are clustered around Hwy 99 near 28th Ave so signal strength from all of them would likely be very similar for you.

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Sounds like you moved to a new location. I'm assuming you didn't have these issues at your previous location. Did you try utilizing a signal booster in the meantime?