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Data Usage Toggle switch on a Talk & Text Plan?


I just recently signed up for a Voice 25 Nationwide plan, which is a voice-only (talk&text) plan. On day 1 I logged into my My Telus account to see that I had a data overage of 1.08mb! I turned the switch to OFF and did the same on my flip phone. Seems odd to me that this is even possible for a basic talk & text plan. I've had the same plans with Rogers and Fido and had never seen data overages because no data means no data!!! From what I gather, my plan appears to be a voice-only plan with a pay-per-use data option. Never seen this before.


Any thoughts? Has anyone ever seen this with any other carriers?






Community Power User
Community Power User

I can’t speak about other carriers options, but I’m pretty sure Telus offers a data block if you call in and request it. There may be a fee. Remember, some types of messages, such as picture messages require data.

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