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I'm not much for telemarketers but I just had a really good service call with a Telus employee and I would like to write a positive review for them. Where would I do this?


Was this a sales call or service/support call? You kind of mention both. There are avenues for feedback for service/support but I don't know about sales.

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Read this before purchasing any services from TELUS.


I constantly encounter lies from Telus. They lie to make more money, and I feel deceived and am an unhappy customer.

Let's start with the fact that I connected to 1 gigabit internet for $65 at the Telus store in Cross Iron Mall. The salesgirl said that she couldn't just give me the internet for $65; I needed to also sign up for a home phone and Optic TV. She said that I could cancel these services within a month and keep only the internet for $65 without any problems. If I didn't cancel, I would pay $105 per month for everything. This was lie #1.

Then I called to cancel the home phone and Optic TV, but the employee on the phone said that if I did that, my internet bill would go up to $120 per month. I said that the store promised I could cancel for free and the internet price would not change. The phone employee told me that they always lie in the store to sell more services. Here I got confirmation from the employee that I was lied to.

Okay, I accepted that I needed an additional service to get my internet for $65, so I decided to switch my Optic TV to services I would actually use: Netflix Premium, Disney Premium, and Amazon Prime TV.

The phone employee switched these services for me and said that now I would pay $110 per month, but I would have my internet and the subscriptions I needed. He asked how many TVs I had. I replied that I had two TVs, and he said he would send special TV boxes for each TV for FREE (spoiler: this is a lie) because I wouldn't be able to use my subscriptions without them. I told him that I have Android TV and all the necessary apps, that I could log into my subscriptions on them and asked if I really needed these TV boxes. He insisted that it was not possible and that I could only use my subscriptions with their device. This was lie #2.

Then the fun with packages began. They sent me one TV box when they promised two, and it came without a remote control. Funny, how am I supposed to use it if there are no control buttons on the box? They also sent me a video recorder, which I didn't ask for and have never seen before. I called to tell them about this, and they said they always send TV boxes without remotes and that the remote should be purchased separately for $30, but they generously agreed to send me the remote for free. By the way, when I started reading reviews about Telus, I saw that they often do this. It's a constant scheme in their company: send without a remote and then charge for it. I also told them they promised me two TV boxes but I received only one. They told me not to worry, and that they would send another one. They sent it, but also without a remote - they are testing my patience, I can't explain it otherwise.

Finally, I received two TV boxes and one remote, and I began to set up the TV boxes. Neither of the two TV boxes could connect to the Telus router. In the end, I called for help, and a new phone employee told me that if I have Android TV, I don't need TV boxes and that I can connect my subscriptions directly on my TVs. I asked how to return these boxes since I didn't need them. He promised to send instructions to my email but didn't want to discuss it on the phone. I didn’t got this email.

In my next bill, I saw charges for renting the TV boxes and video recorder that were promised for free. This was lie #3, which I had already spoiled for you.

They sent me equipment that I obviously didn't need and now want me to pay for it.

After this, I received a call from Telus offering to switch my mobile operator with better conditions. They promised to keep my family's phone numbers and transfer us to Telus for FREE. I (foolishly) agreed, and then I received a bill charging $60 for each phone number for this service. This was lie #4.

All these lies were from different people, leading me to conclude that this is part of Telus's corporate culture. I haven't even mentioned that I spent hours on the phone resolving these issues - HOURS, I'm not kidding. It often takes more than an hour to get a response from customer support.

From technical point of view, Telus's services are good, but their attitude towards customers is terrible. I hope my review will be helpful to someone, and I also hope this review reaches those who can correct such treatment of customers.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Definitely not the experience we want our customers to have. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.

Friendly Neighbour

But its the experience we all are receiving. So clearly this is something promoted behind the scenes as so many customers cant have the same complaint ...its not us ....its TELUS. 

What seems to be the issue? Let us know.

I've had a similar experience but with our families mobile phones and am so frustrated trying to talk with anyone and get any results with my issues that the only thing I can do I is warn others to not fall into the same trap I did. I also spent hours and hours on the phone, and in the store. I wish I never signed a two year contract with them, and quite honestly wish I had never heard of them. My first bill was 25% higher than what they had told me in the store. Even if I finally do get through to someone on the phone I don't believe what customer service tells me anymore.

Hello, we'll send you a private message to discuss further.

Just Moved In

Telus has horrible customer service, the absolute worst! I spent a whole afternoon speaking to their customer service regarding 1 question that I had (question: what are your current mobility plans?) and kept on being transferred between 2 departments since each kept mentioning the other could answer but in the end no one had the answer and I was sent to loyalty.

Loyalty although able to answer my simple question mentioned they'd call me back for a follow up regarding some additional questions that I had. Guess what? No one called me back the following morning. I even rescheduled some work meetings to attend to the call I was expecting in the AM and yet no call. 

The following day I called back on my own for some more questions and to follow up on my previous ones. I don't want to get into details of how horrible the experience was but my suggestion: 

1. Train your customer support staff better - feels like things are poorly documented, some solutions they were giving me made no sense and I had to explain multiple times to the customer support reps why their suggested solutions wouldn't work. 

2. Fix your wait times - half of my time is spent on hold and its frustrating when you get a rep that is not able to assist you. Fun fact, I drained my entire phone battery with one phone call to you guys and no my battery is completely fine. 


Sorry for the experience you had and the long wait times. Will definitely pass this feedback along.