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Corporate EPP Plan for Casino Windsor Employees

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I have a friend that works for the casino here in Windsor, ON.  She can get an employee plan from Rogers but would rather come to TELUS.  I've heard of client care matching plans in the past, do they still?  She would be a new activation.  I also know that only dealers can provision these "employee" plans but she doesn't want to deal with them, she wants to deal directly with a corporate store.  Also, if we do offer an employee plan for her organization, if she activates on a current in-market plan will client care be able to change her plan to the work related plan after activation?
Plan details are below:
-$60.00 plus HST
-Voice & Data Bundle include Unlimited Local Minutes
-250 Canadian Long Distance for calls originating from Canada to Canada
-Unlimited Text/Picture & Video from Canada to Canada
-Voicemail & Call Display
-3GB Domestic Data for email & internet originating from Canada
Thanks in advance for any information....

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Community Power User

Any corporate deal is likely negotiated.  Odds are if the Casino has a deal with Rogers, it'll likely be exclusive.

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Your friend can try & negotiate for that plan but it is extremely unlikely they'll get it. Corporate plans are usually negotiated on a case-by-case basis and Telus does not have any policies around matching monthly rates (especially not corporate rates for regular Consumers).