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Contract Issues.

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Back in January 2013, I went to my local Telus store (Yes an actual store and not a 3rd party) to take advantage of an offer for an iPhone 4s 16gb for 0$ on a 2 yr term. Today I was notified that my term is actually 3 years and that they didn't offer 2 yr terms until november 2013. I have lost my contract copy due to moving a year back and can't prove that it was a 2 yr term. Though I did find advertisements proving that the manager at Telus that I spoke to on the phone was lying and that they did offer 2 yr terms in January of 2013. What should I do? I would really like to solve this quickly.


The below image is the offer that was up in January 2013.



This is an image of a site that still has an old post about the new offer


tls2.png (This is a link to the posted site above)


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To contribute a little bit more as well. I was in store today and talked to somebody about getting a new phone because my device balance was shown at 0$ remaining. I was told I couldn't get a new phone because I missed a payment a few months ago and my device was suspended for a day. Upon hearing this I decided to leave and call telus to cancel my contract and get a new phone somewhere else. When I called the guy said he had to refresh some system information or something and came back telling me that my updated device balance was at 300$ and my contract had 14 months left to go.


After a very heated discussion with this employee, I asked for a manager and was told that one would call me back in 4 to 24 hours. The manager called me a few hours later explaining that my contract is 3 years because they didn't offer any 2 yr terms back before November 2013.

Echoing what @NFtoBC back in early 2013 (and I believe even now) telus didn't sell 'refreshed' devices in their stores. You can only buy them on their website.


Seems that is your issue...

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November 2013 isn’t accurate. Any contracts that were signed before July 2013 are still on a 3 year terms. Anything after that will automatically be on a 2 year term.


So, if you currently are on a 3 year contract and renew your contract there is good chances that you will be required to change your rate plan since price plans for 3 year contracts aren’t compatible with 2 year terms.


Also, keep in mind that Refreshed devices are not new as @NFtoBC mentioned and they aren’t compatible with Apple care either. They aren’t available at stores and can only be purchased online through our website.


As certain cases may be different from others, if you need further assistance with anything feel free to contact TELUS social media team through @TELUSsupport on Twitter or by sending them a private message through the TELUS Facebook page. Simply make sure to let us know how it went.

Telus sold 2yr contracts from Jan 2013 onwards on less expensive phones (low end androids, iphone 4 etc). Occasionally they also sold iphone 4s' on 2yr terms as well. 


Others have provided some likely reasons why this happened (misinformed, web only offer etc.).

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This was offered on Refreshed (not New) iPhones. It is unlikely, though not impossible that a brick & mortar store would carry refreshed units as they would be in small numbers, and the possibility of confusion increases, especially if someone were to return a refresh phone for previous wear and tear issues, or could not get Apple Care due to original in-service date.


I thought it was July 2013 they started offering the 2 year contracts of new phones, but could be mistaken.


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